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A picture is worth a thousand words - and a case study even more. Take a look on how we've created our client’s websites, what we help them with and how they're doing.

Project Gold Barbers

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EL TORO | Project Gold Barbers případová studie - obrázek

TopFly web application

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EL TORO | TopFly web application případová studie - obrázek

RealList mobile app

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EL TORO | RealList mobile app případová studie - obrázek

Tereza Horáková

Account Director

LG - cashback systems and competition portals

With EL TORO company, we have worked on a number of joint projects. I particularly appreciate their professional cooperation, reliability, fast communication and above all human approach. I would therefore like to recommend cooperation with EL TORO.

Martin Domanský

owner and founder of Domanský.cz

Domanský.cz – web and e-shop creation and comprehensive administration

We needed a company that would be able to address our requirements in the long term. In the years during our cooperation, we have opened several branches, confirmed our market position, took advantage of new opportunities and EL TORO is still with us. EL TORO does not sell us cars or service our customers, but allows me, my people and Domanský company to grow and focus on our primary business. I wish them good luck and success.

Eva Machů

Marketing Coordinator, Žabka

Žabka - web creation and consequent administration

We have always been able to reach a very good level of communication with EL TORO. They managed to do even the very stressful jobs. Mr. Voženílek has always acted as a good mentor in the solution design. They are realible.

Jan Matějíček

Digital/CRM Account Manager, Fallon Prague

Fallon Prague - web presentation

Our cooperation with EL TORO went well; they were willing to meet our tight deadlines and the quality of their work was very high.

Honza Červenka

Owner of Eurobike Prague

Eurobike - e-shop creation and consequent administration

They designed my e-shop according to my ideas. They also provided guidance and they maintain the website flawlessly. Everything works as it should, and after my negative experiences of the past, I am happy to be able to pursue my own business.

Ivan Křížek

Owner of - web creation, web application, mobile application, e-shop and administration

I wanted a quality and professional solution. EL TORO not only created a website for my tire service, but also the whole booking system and mobile application that saved me and my employees incredible amount of work and provided my customers with increased comfort. Even after all these years I still like their original design. These guys just know what to do.

Filip Pernica a Ondřej Omelka

Managing Directors of DressTime - creating a voucher portal

We were looking for a reliable partner who would be able to take long-term care of all our digital needs and development. EL TORO has professionally implemented our web and mobile applications, and we have been able to concentrate on our business project. In case of any complications, they have always been able to respond to current developments and resolve everything to our satisfaction.

Martin Semotam

Marketing Director, HDT impex s.r.o.

LEDstudio and DISCOkatalog - web creation and e-shop

EL TORO Company has realized our acquisition websites and e-shop in two language versions. In both projects, El TORO was able to meet all our requirements for the non-standard functionality of the solution and as a bonus they added a great design and their own interesting ideas. Their outputs are professional, and we continue to work with El Toro in e-commerce and post-implementation services.

Štěpánka Eiseltová

Managing Director, Tinky Shops - creation of custom e-shop, its complex administration and care

We chose EL TORO to create our e-shop and it was the right choice. Our cooperation went smoothly, and we are fully satisfied with their service and level of communication.

Tomáš Kočí

CEO and Founder of Digital Vampire

Digital Vampire - SEO, analysis and counseling on UX

I've been working with EL TORO and Roman for many years. They have always been able to cope well and in terms of SEO they have been fulfilling all my clients' goals for several years. It is a quality team of professionals and I enjoy working with them.

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