Who are we?

EL TORO is a digital agency that will help you succeed in the online environment. We are also a well-functioning and positive-minded team full of specialists. Some focus on success; others are careful experts who fine-tune even the smallest details. Together we create great things.

Roman Voženílek

Consultant and CEO of EL TORO and EL TORO StartUp

He closed his first contract for website in 2006 and he has been developing business projects ever since. Roman will help you find the ideal solution to meet your goals.

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Petra Fojtíková

Chief Account Manager

Petra is at all times a team player who is at your disposal to solve all your requests, and she does so with a smile on her face. She is also the main support of our Olomouc branch.

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Vojtěch Mikoláš

Account manager

Vojtěch takes care of our clients' satisfaction.

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Lucie Bednářová

Head office and HR specialist

ucie represents the right hand of our agency. Whether we are looking for partners, colleagues, or running a business, we cannot do so without her organizational skills.

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Vladimír Horáček

Head of EL TORO Start-Up division

Do you have a startup? Then start with Vladimir. He is an expert with numbers who will help you build a successful business.

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We also have project managers, graphics, programmers, copywriters and PPC and SEO experts in reserve. This team is the key to success, and we are very proud of it.

The stable team

You can count on the quality of our specialists' work.

We have been in the online business for over 12 years

We have already passed the trial-and-error phase. Now we have years of experience and we know what works.

We know our processes

We know what we do. We will process your project on time and carefully.

We create our own solution

We don't want to push you into some pre-finished templates. We will design specific solution just for you.

We are fair

Our word is our bond. You will get a clear specification of the project from us in advance.

We will be your friends and partners

We have no sympathy for haughtiness. We will support you, but we will also enjoy and occasional coffee with you.

We perceive projects comprehensively

We will help you with both your website and your marketing. We do our work with consideration of your entire business.

We're not too big

EL TORO combines the flexibility and passion of a small business with the stability and capabilities of a larger agency.

Roman Voženílek got his first glimpse of the web designing world back in 2006 . It didn't take long, and the process of creation of a website ‘swallowed’ him up completely.

During Christmas holidays in his high school senior year Roman completed his first contract. It was his first experience with web design and first communication with programmers and coders he worked with. He spent his newly earned money on a graphical LCD display.

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It was at that time that Roman's love for the development of his clients' business and for the web design was born. Over time he learned that the key to success lies in his team. And even though today he can rely on skillful specialists, he continues to improve and develop.

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Roman's orders grew in numbers, but his time was limited. Moreover, communication with different programmers has not always led to the best results. If he wanted to continue to provide his clients with quality work, he needed a quality team. He’d spent years forming the current one.

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Together with other partners he started to build EL TORO brand in 2009. Despite the tumultuous beginnings during which he experienced rises and falls in his search for capable programmers, the young agency found its footing, and has brought together people who profess the same long-term values ​​- Roman, his right hand, Peter, Honza, Vláďa and many others. Clients and colleagues can rely on this team.

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EL TORO is gradually growing, but the values ​​remain: We pride ourselves on very clear code, quality content and individual approach. We constantly streamline all processes, so we do a better job while saving time and energy (both our customers’ and our own). And most importantly, we are enthusiastic about helping others grow.

Every day, we gain experience and satisfied customers. And we're planning big things. We want to enter history.

So, come make history with us!

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We are a consulting, marketing and online company based in Czech Republic. We proudly help create online presentations and business for clients all around the world. For all of our clients, we provide solid support and partners ready to advise and help.

We want to become synonymous with building an online business. Our goal is to be the authority in the online world, be it project implementation or their advertising. Every day we work in order to bring great results to our clients.

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