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We are the company El, limited., with its registered office at Dlouhá 730/35, Prague - Old Town, 110 00, COMPANY REGISTRATION NUMBER 242 99 481, registered in the Business Register managed by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 194482, and as a manager we process your personal information.

What personal data we process

The personal information you provide to us

We only process personal information that you provide to us, that is, your name, surname, email address, phone number and company name.

Personal data we process automatically

When visiting our website, we may collect certain information about you, such as IP address, date and time of your access to our website, information about your web browser, operating system, or your language settings. We may also process information about your behavior on our website, e.g., what links you visit on our website. However, because of your maximum privacy, information about your behavior on the website is anonymized and therefore we cannot assign it to a specific user, that is, to a specific person. If you access our website from a mobile phone or similar device, or through one of our mobile apps, we may also process information about your mobile device (data about your mobile phone, eventual crash reports, etc.)


We also process cookies automatically.

Versions for self-phones and mobile applications

When you access our website from a phone, tablet or similar device, we optimize it for these devices. In such a case, we process your personal data in a similar way as in the case of access from a computer.

Why we collect and process your personal information

We process your personal information for the following reasons:

We process personal data on these legal bases

Contacting your person if you ask us to

We need a large part of your personal information to communicate with and to provide you with the services you request from us.

Eligible interests

We also use your personal information to provide you with relevant content, that is, content that is interesting to you. Based on legitimate interest, we process especially personal data that we process automatically and cookies.

How long do we process your personal information?

First of all, we will process your data for the duration of the contractual relationship between us, provided one happens to take place. Otherwise, they will only be used to contact your person because of a request in the contact form.

In the case of personal data processing for which consent has been granted, your personal data will generally be processed for 7 years or until such consent is revoked.

If you subscribe to commercial communications, we will process your personal data for 7 years or until your disagreement with their further submission. You can easily express this disagreement by using the contact form.

Furthermore, please note that we must process the personal data that is necessary for the proper provision of the services or for the fulfillment of all our obligations, regardless of your consent, for the period stipulated by the applicable law, or in accordance with them (e.g. for tax documents, this is at least 10 years).

We process data obtained through a user account or in a similar way for the period of use of our services and usually 5 years after their cancellation. Subsequently, only the basic identification data and the reason why the user account was canceled or the data forming part of the operating advances are usually stored for a reasonable period of time.

Phone call recordings are kept for a short period of time, but not longer than 1 year, unless it is necessary for us to retain recordings for a longer period of time (e.g. suspected misuse, fraud, etc.)

Personal data security

Your personal information is safe with us. To prevent unauthorized access and misuse of your personal information, we have put in place adequate measures, both technical and organizational.

The protection of your personal information is very important to us. That is why we not only regularly check their security, but we continuously improve their protection. All communication between your device and our web servers is encrypted.

We strive to use security measures that provide sufficient security in accordance with the latest technological advancement. The security measures taken are then regularly updated.

What are your rights regarding your privacy?

In particular, in relation to your personal data, you have the right at any time to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data, the right to correct or supplement your personal data, the right to request processing restrictions, the right to object or complaint against the processing of your personal data, the right to access your personal data , the right to request the transfer of your personal data, the right to be informed of a breach of your personal data security and, under certain conditions, the right to delete certain personal data we process in connection with you (the so-called "to be forgotten right”).


If you believe that the personal information we process about you is incorrect, you can contact us.

Access (Portability)

You can ask us to send you an overview of your personal information.

At the same time, you have the right to access information regarding your personal data:


You can also ask us to delete your personal data. If we need your personal information to determine, exercise, or defend our legal claims, your request may be rejected.

You have the right to erasure in the following cases:

How to exercise your right to erasure?

Contact us via e-mail -

Filing a complaint

If you believe that we process your personal data unlawfully, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority. However, we would prefer if you’d contact us first.

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