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Do you prefer to book tours on the internet before visiting a stone branch of a certain travel agency? If so, you should not miss the TopFly travel agency's web application, which is equipped by our customized solution! The site has features that accurately meet client’s and customer’s requirements. Top class loading speed is of course a must. We have also focused our attention to the most comfort and user-friendly interface possible. All this can only be guaranteed by tailor-made solution only.

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The EL TORO team is ready to advise you in any difficult situation and intervene where the experience of others is not enough. An example of such a project is the travel agency TopFly, which approached us with an already completed but non-functional solution. Therefore, in addition to the realization itself, we needed to overcome the client's initial mistrust.

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TopFly web application in numbers

256 329 lines of code

4 seconds faster loading your site

83 hours of testing the solution

5 minutes are saved by automatic generation of each contract

31 256 is the monthly visitors traffic

320 151 is the annual visitors traffic

About 80 million CZK is how much the company’s turnover increased

Preparation phase

We entered the project after previous negative experiences of the client with other IT developers.

Unreliability and constantly prolonged completion of the work forced TopFly to change its supplier, and that is why they decided to approach us. Our experience and references indicated that we would gladly and correctly finish the job.


The challenge was to redesign and modify the nearly 10-year-old web application in order for it to meet the current standards.

Although the original site worked, with its outdated solution it could not compete with other agencies. It was necessary to design a completely new architecture and web design.


We wanted to support TopFly's many years of experience with a first-class intuitive solution that guarantees the sale of tours.

The precision and quality of the entire work was the number one client priority and therefore we approached the project gently.


Analysis of the current solution

TopFly’s reports allowed us to look into the weaknesses of the solution as well as the user-friendliness.

Unreadable texts and badly placed elements are key to conversion. In the case of a travel agency, it is ordering a trip, so we have thought carefully about placing all the elements and call to action buttons on the web so that we can make the search as easy as possible for the buyer and direct him to our goal.


The original site was not responsive because of its age, so it was uncomfortable for visitors to view it on the phone.

One of the key points was to ensure perfect display on all devices - according to our statistics and current trends, about 50% of the population buys tours on the phone. Hence, TopFly was losing profit and we had to stop it.



In the next phase of implementation, we were dealing with the connection to the already completed TopFly CRM system and relevant travel portals.

However, we have decided to improve the office administrators’ interface - we have come up with an idea of automatic filling in contracts. With each contract, because of us, they now save up to 5 minutes of time in TopFly, which is definitely not a negligible time in the broader horizon.


We have fine-tuned tour filtering and search engine to always provide the user with only relevant results.

We have secured a payment gateway, connection to a newsletter, login, customer registration and other necessary functions. We packed all this into a modern design exactly according to the client's wishes.


Advertising and administration

We handed over the finished project to the client before the season - as we intended.

They were very much satisfied with the final work, and they decided to continue using our services within the monthly administration. Not only do we provide TopFly with the ultimate security of customer data from hacker attacks, but our account manager is available to the client on the phone every day so that we can immediately resolve all of his requirements.


You may come across cognitive, residential and other TopFly tours in search results, Facebook or Instagram.

All this thanks to us and the marketing strategy we set. We do not make unnecessary changes and interfere only in the right places with the most effective marketing tools, considering the information we get about visitors.


We are a partner

Because of us, the travel agency has increased its sales twice.

It has a functional solution that, with its quality, can match the biggest competitors on the market. However, at EL TORO we also handled the biggest challenge of the project - we have gained the client's lost trust in IT suppliers and became TopFly’s long-term partner.


Don't waste your time with unreliable suppliers.

Contact EL TORO.

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