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The Gold Barbers men's barbershop website has since its creation been a prime example of what we can offer to our clients as part of our service. Primarily, it was the creation of a custom-made website with a unique design with regard to elegance, but EL TORO was involved in every step, from the very idea of the project.

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The client's experience and focus is primarily in the barbershop business, and therefore we acted as a partner agency that guided the client trough the online world. Our role was not only implementation of the idea, but also consequent counseling. We have been and continue to be an indispensable partner in our client’s business. Together, we managed to get the Gold Barbers to the top. But we do not stop there.

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Project Gold Barbers in numbers

20 % turnover growth every month

45 % Of the monthly turnover is due to online advertising

90 % of customers are returning customers seeking quality service

29 Is the number of pages of the shortened business plan

242 hours were spent creating the website and on log and CI

18 hours are devoted to online advertising on a monthly basis

5 is the number of hours it takes to process analysis of visits, evaluation and recommendations

2 spent every month on consultations

Getting to know each other

Because of a positive recommendation of our company, Honza Pavlík approached our CEO Roman in order to arrange a business consultation.

He wanted to help grasp the idea of opening a men's barber shop in the center of Prague. In other words - if you are at the very beginning, you need an advice from someone who has seen hundreds of other businesses and can direct or advise your vision.


The steppingstone in getting to know our clients is a comprehensive analysis.

This is the only way can we understand the client's business or idea. This was also the case with Gold Barbers – therefore we asked Honza and Barber Michael to cooperate during the analysis, so that we would get all the data not only from our survey, but directly from the main actors.


Business development

After all this we have carefully compiled the data and recommended Honza the best way to start his business.

Its point of departure was to create a web presentation that clearly identifies the client against the competition and, with modern yet elegant design, will convey the idea and quality of service. Other important steps and objectives were clearly defined during the consultations.



In order for the project to make sense even within IT, a project manager's perspective was needed, who then created a detailed project specification, which is a listing of all functions and technologies used, including a time schedule.

The guiding principle of our project managers’ work is to decipher the problem, propose solutions and all the sectional moments that lead to the solution. Thus, here’s where the work of our project manager started.


Logo and CI

The Gold Barbers guys didn't choose a full-service agency by accident.

They were not just looking for someone to create their website – they needed to build the whole project step by step. Therefore, one of the first tasks was to create a corporate ID and logo, which is a service we offer to our clients. We identify key priorities and information on how the client wants to present himself and how he wants to communicate with customers. In this case, the emphasis was on elegance.


Our graphic designers then started their work.

After thorough brainstorming and completion of their ideas, the final work was commented by Honza Pavlík: “You have made our idea come true.” We succeeded in incorporating the initials GB into a distinctive symbol of barbers - scissors.


Graphics and realization

With the finished CI and the logo, we received the groundwork on which the creation of the website could begin.

In the first phase, we designed wireframes. In this phase we also made clear to the client he needs to choose which services and information would be communicated through the web presentation.


Thanks to our in-depth preparation, it didn't take long for us to create custom graphics that met the expectations of the entire Gold Barbers team.

Detailed analyses, market research, interviews - all of this precedes the implementation in order for us to know exactly what the client likes, but also what the target group likes.


In cooperation with our programmers, we have identified the necessary features of the website. One of the most important elements was the reservation system.

Although this was a completely customized solution, this time, we decided to opt for an already finished system. It fulfils the fundamental nature of the project, but it is not expensive. We saved our client time and money, which he then used, according to our recommendation, for marketing purposes.


We started programming and coding the web.

Project manager Radim, who was an indispensable link between the client and the development team the entire time, gradually informed Honza Pavlík about the progress, so that he would agree with every step of our solution.


Together we have reached the predefined goal - a design-effective solution.

The black-and-gold combination gives the entire presentation a touch of luxury and suggests to the customer that he will be taken care of with elegance, yet with the latest trends in mind.



Content is an important aspect of every solution - and in this case, it wasn’t any different

We pride ourselves on our copywriters, who have come up with original and engaging texts for the end audience. The motto "We have your style, come get it" has captured exactly what customers want to hear at a barber shop.



We have thoroughly tested the entire solution again.

Responsive display on phones and tablets worked well. Custom UX has guided test customers exactly where it should - to the reservation system. Everything worked without error, so we put the solution into full operation mode.



Then it was time to get into marketing.

The Gold Barbers guys wanted to take care of social networks and print marketing. At EL TORO we work with tools that have clear, measurable results - we focused on performance marketing in the form of search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC advertising.


Our specialists have created a detailed analysis of the keywords on which we could start building the advertisement.

Guys from the Gold Barbers have simply told us they want to be seen all over the internet - so we've arranged it.


Prior to major Christmas holidays, using targeted campaigns, we’ve managed to bring Gold Barbers company to the level of its competition.

It wasn't long before the client opened another branch in the largest shopping centre in Central Europe.



Despite the excellent results, EL TORO is still involved in running the company.

Based on statistics and marketing results, we are designing increasingly effective campaigns, and customers reserve their shaving chairs in advance. We have focused on cutting-edge SEO, thanks to which the client can see results clearly.


The Gold Barbers know they can rely on us.

They have an account manager at their disposal, Petra, who is ready to support the client and come up with an ideal solution, whatever it may be. We are excited about the last one - clients can now look forward to a brand-new e-shop with shaving accessories, a blog and so much more.

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