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56 e-shop solutions

8 CRMs Sold

100% customer satisfaction

Up-to-date content management

Outer design is only half of the website - the administration of your site is equally important. We provide our websites and solutions with our customized content management system. It is fast and you will enjoy working with it. And if you need something extra, our programmers will modify the CMS for you.

Would you like to extend or link your system to another service? No problem, we'd be happy to oblige. The key is 100% security of your data, well-arranged administration and accessibility.

I want CMS

The CMS has been developed by our internal team, so we know it to the last line of code. Because of this we can promise you:

  • well-arranged management system - everything in one system;
  • developed through many years of our experience;
  • easily extensible and scalable;
  • even a layman can handle its simple operation;
  • up-to-date system.
I want CMS

Online store in one place

If you do not want your e-shop to be indistinguishable from hundreds of other online stores, we would be happy to create a customized solution for you, including its own administration, i.e. e-shop core.

At the core, you will clearly see each product. Of course, we also provide order management, interconnection with other services and ease of use. And everything works at lightning speed, without tedious and long loading time.

Your convenience is important for us, so the whole system is completely intuitive. You can manage your e-shop yourself as well as your colleague or a temporary worker.

I want an e-shop core

What makes our e-shop core great?

  • everything important for smooth e-shop operation in one place;
  • no order can get lost;
  • easy to learn to work with;
  • we have developed tailor-made system for e-shoppers;
  • we program each core to your liking;
  • all data entered will be secure.
I want an e-shop core
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