Cooperation process

We shall create an application, website or an e-shop that will bring you success. Together we will then expand your business and leave your competition far behind. We have years of experience with the online world and therefore have a proven recipe for smooth collaboration and great results.

We get to know you and your business

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Your trust and the knowledge of your goals are the basis for a successful project. Therefore, we will need to get to know you and your business first… and we will have a lot of questions doing so. What are your strengths and what do you want to achieve? How did your business come about? And don't worry if you don't know the answer to every question - we'll find it together.

Your role:
You share information about your business with us and let us know about your vision.
Our role:
We ask, we listen carefully and ‘tune’ to your wave.

We explore the market

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We will analyze your position on the market and test your competition. We will help you improve your business plan so you can compete with your competitors.

Your role:
Get us acquainted with you closest competition.
Our role:
To help you to set your main USP.

We design the most suitable solution

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We will use the acquired knowledge in designing the solution. First, we discuss the appropriate product together. Our graphic designers will then create a real design based on your ideas. To all this we also add work specification for you to know what we will deliver and what our solution will be.

Your role:
Give us comments on the project's specification and graphics. We need you to accurately capture your idea.
Our role:
We design processes, solutions and select the most appropriate technologies based on our experience, all with regard to your needs.

The actual work

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Our specialists, such as programmers and graphic designers, will begin creating the project. An experienced project manager will be at your disposal, while making sure your project is running smoothly.

Your role:
While your project is getting done, you have time for your business. The project manager will inform you about the continuous events.
Our role:
The development team is working hard to deliver you flawless work of the highest standards.

We'll make you visible

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We'll make sure you will be seen on the internet. With our marketing tools, we build or promote your brand in the online world.

Your role:
To tell us where exactly in the online environment you want to be seen. We will take care of it.
Our role:
We design an effective marketing strategy. We engage our SEO and PPC advertising specialists and ensure that your project meets all of your expectations.

We will continue to support you

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Handing over the project does mark the end of our journey together - we will still be there for you. For most of our clients, we provide additional management: repairs, phone support, backup, update, security or hosting management. And even if you want to take care of the project yourself, we will be happy to help, advise or even create something else at any time.

Your role:
To watch your business grow. Finished work and well targeted marketing will provide you with new customers.
Our role:
We are relentless. At all times, we follow new trends, visitors traffic statistics and we are always there for you, ready to materialize your idea again.
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