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Mobile applications complete the online world around us. Their implementation requires an experienced team with a clear specialization. Do you know why the client chose EL TORO? Because we have been making mobile applications for over 7 years and during the tender, we have proven ourselves not only by our references, but also by substitutability and processes that guarantee results.

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RealList is a full featured advertising service. Its goal is to create a community of users who use the search and publish apps to buy or rent. You've heard of a similar application before? Oh, no. Thanks to RealList, you can do everything right on your phone and most importantly - you will get all the advertising out of the way incredibly quickly. The project offers competitive pricing for real estate, which is pretty much just a bonus on the market not only for real estate magicians. The user can also use real estate, financial and legal services to make it easier to sell or buy real estate.

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RealList mobile app in numbers

100% clients are satisfied with the result

40 hours we spent analyzing competition

90 hours lasted the creation of the specification

80 pages the pages of the specifications

185 hours application testing

15 people were involved in the development

231 ads were created during testing

3 minutes is what it takes to create an ad


The clients were looking for a reliable partner for mobile application development.

They approached EL TORO through an advertisement on our website and invited us to participate in the tender.


We have been making mobile applications in EL TORO for over 7 years.

Among other things, we have an established business process in which we ask clients questions, then find out their expectations, problems and define our role in the project. Clearly given processes, experienced team of professionals and our solutions guarantee results. Because of this, we have defeated our competitors in the tender and established cooperation with clients.


Getting to know each other and consultation

At the first meetings, clients presented us with their idea of what they wanted to achieve and what the strengths of their business are.

With well-targeted questions, we have been able to penetrate their vision and helped them to grasp it.


Together, we have fine-tuned the idea of a start-up concept based on a motivational tipster competition that would be fundamentally different from other advertising services.

The mobile application on both of the most used platforms, iOS and Android, was a clear choice in this case.


Market and competition analysis

In the first phase of the project we started to analyze the competition and the target group.

We needed to find out what users want and need. We have tested the services of the competition, found out what it does it and how, and we wondered if there are any better ways or how the already established services can be improved.


Creating specifications

Based on the results of the analysis, the project manager, together with the developers, began to develop an extensive specification.

It contained a detailed listing of application features and development technologies.


We presented our concept to the clients and assured them that the procedure would be the most appropriate for the target users.

We always try to find new solutions for our client. We did not want to create another everyday real estate portal, so we gave RealList added value and improved user friendliness.


In addition to the iOS and Android apps, we also wanted to create a website that would serve a wider presentation of services.

That also had answers to the most common questions and would be crucial for marketing.


We also decided for our own impenetrable server with administration to manage the data in the database.

We never underestimate the safety of users, so the information they share through the application is safe with us, in accordance with the GDPR.


Logo and CI

Meanwhile, our graphics and designers have put their heads together and created a logo and corporate identity for RealList.

They chose an elegant yet impressive combination of blue and gold, which was imprinted to the final design of the application. It does not distract the user but also does not bore them.



Then we started creating graphics. We put together the collected data and designed custom UX that is critical to the mobile application.

We have continuously tested all of the design elements to create a solution that is easy to use and user-oriented.



Our programmers started to develop the application under the supervision of the project manager.

For each step of the development, we've run automated tests. We were looking forward to trying the first version on our own phones in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes.


We have informed the client about the progress throughout the development.

At the same time, the client was getting new versions of the app for him to test. The project manager then processed his suggestions for programmers.



We started with thorough testing - finding bugs and the smallest cracks that would prevent the application from working perfectly.

The vast majority of our team has been involved in this testing to make it easier for programmers to work and accelerate the path to results.


We were not alone.

We defined a relevant target group and created a simple questionnaire that we sent to the world. An ideal user of RealList is a property owner or a buyer. There was a large number of applicants for testing, and so we indirectly spread the RealList brand awareness even before launching the application.


We approached the most suitable testers of the app and with them we tested the app for 14 days to get quality feedback for our client.

Ten testers for the iOS platform and 10 for the Android platform were testing the app funcionality in our offices under the supervision of the project manager. If you add our team members, you suddenly have a large sample to fine-tune all deficiencies.


We have invested a lot of time in the development itself.

Countless times we went through all possible user paths and the developers got a lot of material and feedback that they immediately processed.



Our goal was not just to create an application that users will download, but which they will be happy to use.

Therefore, we have fine-tuned the tipster competition concept. In the application, you have the opportunity to guess the selling price of the given property and compete for valuable prices.


We finally introduced the finished application to clients who are now ready to launch it into the world.

But this is not the end of our journey. We are currently devising a marketing strategy for RealList, which is based on brand expansion in the first phase. With targeted campaigns, we will ensure that RealList is displayed in places where you now find its competitors.


We believe that by working together we will get the project to be exactly what the clients wants it to be.

At the same time, we are carefully following the new Google and Apple regulations and conditions and are therefore ready to further optimize and edit the finished work.

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