Become a part of EL TORO

Are you a freelancer who is tired of working alone in cafes? Or are you a freshly out-of-school graduate who wants to be involved in meaningful and interesting projects? Then become part of our team. We will gladly welcome experienced specialists and enthusiastic graduates among ourselves. See what colleagues we are currently looking for. And if you do not choose from the positions offered, write to us and we will work out the right opportunity together.

We always have a door open for new skillful colleagues and it doesn't matter where you live in the world. Our team will be happy to welcome skilled external workers. If you are more interested in working in office, you can also become an in-house support of our Olomouc branch.

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The key to success in EL TORO is our team. It is made up of enthusiastic lovers of digital technology and professionals who know their field of work. We do precise work under which we are always gladly sign.

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Get to know us

We are friendly not only to our colleagues but also to our clients. We believe in dialogue and help our clients name and fulfill their ideas in the digital field.

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We don't send a sales representative to our first meeting. We send our CEO, Roman.

  • Modern equipped offices in the center of Olomouc city
  • Refresh (great coffee maker) and relaxation (sitting bags)
  • Terrace with seating area and grill
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  • Flexible working hours including home office
  • Great colleagues
  • Corporate mobile flat rate

Working at EL TORO fulfills us! That is because we can excel and create interesting things - and we have fun doing so. We also have proof for you - instead of promises - team members' declarations about what they like most about working with us. Become part of our agency and enjoy the same benefits.


account manager

I have been working in the EL TORO agency for almost four years as an account manager. What I enjoy most about my work and what fulfills me is the everyday communication with our clients. Each client has specific ideas and expectations from our collaboration, so my work is diverse and non-stereotypical. Clients expect me not only to solve their problem or request, but they also need also a partner who will listen, advise and who is not afraid to state his opinion.


office manager

At EL TORO, I get to do things that I’m really good at. Because of my position of an office manager, I can apply my organizational skills, create order from chaos and be useful in places where it is most needed. At the same time, I do not feel that I am someone’s subordinate: we all treat each other with honesty and in a friendly manner, and every good idea is considered.


project manager

I enjoy working on projects with real pros who do their work conscientiously. We can rely on each other, act together in a friendly, but always professional way and that is why we provide our clients with 100% results.



I appreciate the team and flexibility of work. I can work from anywhere and at any time of day. If I can't be in the office all day, I'll finish my work in the evening. We trust our colleagues. And we are always available to solve problems.



I hate routine. EL TORO has a rich portfolio of clients with different focus, which gives me the assurance that every project will be a new challenge. When I capture the essence of the client's business, I will convey to words what is on client’s tongue and to see his enthusiasm - that is the greatest reward for me.

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